Preschool Consultation

Preschool-Age Consultative Services

Preschool-aged children are often the most difficult to “figure out” due to their developmentally normal inability to communicate their thoughts and feelings and “why” they do the things they do. They are often irrational and can be moody. 

When a preschool-aged child’s behaviors concern a parent, caregiver, daycare provider, or teacher, it is important to seek out consultation from an experienced mental health professional.

Some of the staff at The Tabor Therapy Group, Inc. are trained in working with children 1 1/2 years of age and older and can help you understand if the child’s behavior is typical for their age and sex, or if there are any reasons to seek out additional services to support healthy development.

Our staff is trained in the use of assessments and rating scales that will provide you with formal information to use when speaking with teachers and your pediatrician so that you can advocate for the best services for your young child. Members of our staff are also trained in providing Parenting Education, which can also help you manage young children who, at times, can be very challenging.

If mental health services are recommended for your child as part of the assessment and consultation, we have staff members who are trained in Play Therapy and can work with your child.

We also provide preschool based observations and can consult with preschools and day cares on your child’s behalf, with your permission. In some cases, your school or day care may even offer to pay for this type of service, depending on the situation.